Wheels and Circles ~ Poem

A wheel. Spinning wheel. Spinning, rotating wheel. Spinning rotating counter clockwise wheel. Counter clockwise wheel ticking with the red violin strums. Red violin strums stained with red lined circles. Red lined circles with red rounded counterparts. Weird counterparts attached to weird places, placed in weird circles. Weird circles shifting into rusting gears. Shifting and rusting … Continue reading Wheels and Circles ~ Poem

White Lines ~ Short Story

March 3, 1941 White lines. White lines, I repeat to myself. … These molding walls and sickly green are all that I could manage to handle. Deep cracks that puncture into the walls and silver streaks of thread bundled like left from an old hag. One window was open to retain my oxygen; how generous … Continue reading White Lines ~ Short Story

Dedicated To You ~ May Free Choice

And like the end of a torturous book, you flipped through the lifeless pages once more, closed it for the last time, and put it back on the top shelf, third from the left. You told yourself that by now, after reading the same book for the hundredth time, you’d have convinced yourself to forget … Continue reading Dedicated To You ~ May Free Choice

Non-Fiction – Ionian Philosophy: The Foundation of Ancient Greece

Ancient Greek Philosophy The Ancient Greeks had an inherit genius when it came to thinking, inventing, and philosophy, it was just in the nature of their culture. They did not inherit any of their ideas or discoveries from anyone or anywhere else. The impact of their discoveries and ideas on Western civilization cannot be ignored … Continue reading Non-Fiction – Ionian Philosophy: The Foundation of Ancient Greece

The Sharp Knife of Reality

What started off as a typical day ended off as a never-ending nightmare. It was like any other day in my life. Get up, get ready, eat, study, spend time with my family, sleep, and the cycle would start over. However, today wasn’t the same. I came outside to the yard to witness and feel … Continue reading The Sharp Knife of Reality

vincent in love (the severed ear series)

I’ve decided to expand this piece into a series, so here is one of the sections on his ear. It is based on Vincent’s many unrequited loves and his life as a mentally ill, and struggling artist. Arles, December 23rd, 1888 He barely felt it: as the blade shredded the skin between his skull and … Continue reading vincent in love (the severed ear series)